Getting Your Independence Back…

One thing I never believed possible in my late 30’s and early 40’s was becoming afraid of life in general. I never imagined a life where I had to be selective in the activities I carried out during the day.In my early 30’s I was a mum who pretty much mastered most of the things I did for my family and my husband. I was active, went dancing several times a week and I was loving life.Around the time I was approaching my 37th birthday I started to experience extreme muscular pain, I picked up a very rare superbug known as Klebsiella Pneumoniae and I never quite recovered from it. I was exhausted, always sore and I kept getting infections that would have me hospitalised because I’d eventually go into septic shock.Eventually I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, sciatica (now bilateral), IBS and my anxiety and depression hit me hard.I spent my first year talking to other sufferers, researching, trying out every recommended drug/homeopathic remedy and I would have moments where I thought, “This is it! I got this!” and I would fall flat on my face. Going into the second year my focus was dedicated to hospital treatments, NHS recommended programmes, more tests and a determination to heal by changing my diet. It was a little easier this time around.The 2nd year I was able to start exercising and reduced some of my medication which helped with my pain, my weight and mood and I took a trip back home. While out there I had an episode that I never recovered from.My third year started with a severe and extended period of depression, I stopped training, I cut myself off from people and my world became a prison.This wasn’t who I was…Something had to change so I asked for help. My ever patient husband got me help for my depression, found me a brilliant remedial massage therapist and I started to reach out to friends again.Two weeks ago my husband got me a ticket to return home to spend time with my family and this is when I felt my hope return. I had a goal, I had support and I found a physiotherapist who practices many different alternative therapies and we put a plan into place.I’m travelling back to the UK and I’m so excited to share what I’ve learned with others, I’m proud of myself for getting back on my feet and I’m truly grateful for those people in my life that stand by my side through the worst and best of me. It’s no easy feat believe me but they believe in my ability to fight on no matter what.You can do it too; it’s not easy but it’s like learning to know yourself again, learning to love who you are now and most of all being grateful for those things you still have in your life.Why not join me on this journey and start getting back your control over your mind, body and soul.As always, stay strong and reach out to others, there is no need to suffer in silence.Namaste


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  1. Thank you, for sharing with us your life and the ‘ups and downs’ that joined you on your journey. By sharing your story you are ‘paying it forward’ for others to see and feel that they are not alone…so cheers to you, Karen.

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