Meet Karen


Hey! Thanks for stopping by this page – It’s lovely to meet you 🙂

My name is Karen; mum of 4, wife, and spoonie.

I was born in a small country in Southern Africa and I came over to the UK initially to work for 2 years and then return home. However, as life would have it, I met my husband-to-be during that time and the rest is history 😊.

Life has always been a little difficult for me but moving to a new country, being married and bringing up 4 children without the help of my family (I was lucky to have them visit when they could) has been the hardest part to cope with.

In 2014/15, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, bilateral sciatica and IBS with fibromyalgia being the most complex condition I’ve had to live with. Fibromyalgia has a myriad of symptoms that disguise themselves as other illnesses and can make diagnosis and effective treatment or management of the condition very difficult.

I became inspired and determined to share my story with others who experience similar struggles or challenges on a daily basis because it does not just affect your body, it affects your mental health, your relationship with your family, friends and any other relationships in such a way that your world can fall apart.

Before I moved to the UK and had my children, before the chronic conditions, I was already battling severe depression and anxiety from the age of 9 but I believe I coped fairly well up until the chronic pain kicked in. Fibromyalgia falls under the description ‘invisible illnesses’ alongside many other such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus, MS, ME, BPD, depression, anxiety, IBS and many more.

What I will be sharing with you is insights on how I believe my past affected my health, how my present situation affects my relationships, my hopes and dreams for my family and I and how every day I challenge myself to overcome my health conditions to achieve at least 1 positive a day.

This is also about sharing with others how your experiences can help you achieve things you thought impossible and that in helping others, you will inevitably help yourself.

Please do comment, like and share whatever posts you find are relevant to you or a friend.