The Start Of Something New

Karen Davy

It’s been a while I know but I really want to share value and insights rather than posting aimlessly or without purpose.

I’ve had something on my mind for over 6 months and no matter how many times I say it in my head, I know it won’t be received well but there has to come a time when you need to say it like it is.

As I move closer to branding myself and sharing my story and that of others, I keep finding myself returning to how people are trained and told to move forward in life (personal and business).

I’ve touched on this before but I still see it being done and I find myself reaching out to try and heal the damage caused by things people share to help others (it’s all well meaning).

All these successful coaches and mentors, etc preach about avoiding negativity and just getting on with things and FAIR ENOUGH; it may work for some or all but they did not get there overnight. It took years before they got to where they are and THIS is the bit about network marketing and other training that I detest.

I want you to picture something and really take yourself to that place and when you can truly feel and understand it, come back to me with an appropriate response.


  • You’re struggling financially, emotionally and physically.
  • You are the only breadwinner in your household and you have at least another 4-5 mouths to feed.
  • You hardly sleep, you are always trying to help others and you hide your troubles to make others feel comfortable being around you. (This isn’t me but I do experience some of this; this is a broad description of people I come in contact with)
  • You’re already depressed, you feel very alone and you are close to having a breakdown of some sort.
  • You read something or are told something to the effect of; “Stop living in the past and focus on the future and stop making excuses!” (It’s not the best example but I came up empty) 

Which one of these statements would make you feel better about reaching out?

Stop wallowing in self-pity and take control of your life!


I can see you’re struggling with something and I have been there too. It’s ok to feel like this but I do believe we can start to deal with it together?

This is what I am most passionate about, helping others to overcome hardships with solutions that work (they take time but they work) and doing it in a way that helps you as a whole because life isn’t black and white, it’s a rainbow with the occasional storm.

So stay tuned for what’s to come as I have a lot to share with you 🙂